Spelling Mechanics

Homeschool Word Study


Welcome to Spelling Mechanics Homeschool Word Study a cutting edge, research-based word study program for grade levels K-6.

Spelling Mechanics Homeschool Word Study approaches word study differently than other programs. It introduces children to patterns and rules through discovery lessons under the guidance of the parent.

Practice is accomplished in several ways:

·         Application of learning

·         Three levels of word sorts for most skills (below, at and above grade level)

·         Games

·         Tests require the application of knowledge rather than memorization of lists, so children are able to apply their knowledge to a greater number of words.

·         Children are introduced to word histories in level 3,

·         Greek and Latin roots in level 4, with a more in-depth study of these roots in fifth and sixth grades.

The entire series, although allocated for levels K-6, will provide enough material to extend into a level 7 upon parents' discretion.

Two elementary teachers authored this unique spelling/word study program. They were frustrated with students memorizing lists and still misspelling these words in their daily work because they didn't understand how words are put together. After hearing parents' and other teachers' similar complaints they decided to write a research based program that addressed this problem.